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What Participants Are Saying

2Restored’s Friend2Friend training has been around for nearly a decade already. It has impacted countless participants to help marriages in their circle of influence. With the release of our first ever digital version of Friend2Friend in January of this year, the potential for impact is even greater.

At a recent Friend2Friend training in Texas, every single attendee commented that one of the ways this training impacted them most was by giving them an increased awareness of their own relational tendencies and how those “defaults” can be unhelpful at times. Some other comments from recent training participants include:

“Enjoyed the material. I feel better equipped to “listen to” rather than offer opinions. Also, feel like I have resources to offer hope.”

“The training was very thorough and helpful. . . Thank you for presenting us with this information, it is vitally necessary since marriages are under attack.”

“Thank you! I love learning about myself. The self-reflections [exercises] were especially helpful in understanding how I can better help others.”

To learn more about Friend2Friend, visit www.2restored.com/friend2friend.

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