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What Can We Do For You?


Do you feel your marriage is hopelessly broken? 

You are not alone! Read the stories of other couples who have felt hopeless at some point. Learn what they have done to experience lasting restoration. 

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We offer unique resources to understand your marriage issues.    

Healing a broken marriage is like going to a medical doctor with a physical problem. In order to help the patient, the doctor must first conduct a diagnostic interview. Then, the doctor will conduct diagnostic tests. Based on that information, if it is a treatable condition, the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan confident that if he/she diagnosed the real problem, the patient will get better if they follow what is prescribed. 

Our decades of experience have led us to develop and use extremely effective diagnostic and behavioral tools — tools that will help us identify the underlying problems in any marriage, including yours, and start the restoration process. 



Does your spouse want out, but you want to stay married? 

We developed Hopeful Spouse counseling for that partner who wants to save their marriage.   

How it works: 

In Hopeful Spouse counseling, we help our client to become a better person, a better parent (if they have children) and provide them tools to engage better with their spouse. Through the course of our counseling, we coach our clients to make sure that they are using our behavioral tools properly. If they do, they will get healthier.   

Then after approximately 6 months, we call their spouse to request a meeting. At this meeting we share our observations about the hopeful spouse’s problems. Then we share how we believe the behavioral tools have helped. Finally, we ask what the hopeful spouse can do further to become a better person, parent or friend.   

The vast majority of reluctant spouses agree to meet with us.   

About half of reluctant spouses eventually enter into marriage counseling. 

Many of those marriages have been restored! 

The primary purpose of Hopeful Spouse counseling is to help you become a better, happier person, no matter what your spouse decides to do. 



Do you want to help someone who has a troubled marriage? 

Would you like to help a family member or friend, but you feel ill-equipped to do so? Or, have you tried to help and either failed or made things worse? 

We developed the Friend2Friend training tool so that the average person can learn how to say and do what will help your loved ones to improve their marriage.

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Do you want to help a friend, but either they or their spouse does not want help? 

We can connect you with one of our counselors who can provide the Hopeful Spouse protocol.