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Friend2Friend Training


For couples who face an emergency in their marriage, the best first responder would be a professional who has the proper training. The reality, however, is that many who face marital difficulties do not go to a professional first. They seek advice instead from YOU – their friend or family member. You may not have signed up to be a first responder to your friend or family member’s marriage, but you are a first responder, whether you are prepared for that task or not.

You may be uncomfortable calling yourself a “first responder,” but for Christ followers, Jesus charged us in the Great Commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves! To illustrate this, he told the story of the Good Samaritan who helped a neighbor in desperate need even though that neighbor had been passed up by both a priest and a Levite. Jesus encouraged his followers to be like the Samaritan in this story and help those in need. 2Restored’s® Friend2Friend® training offers tools, resources, and hands-on practice to prepare you to be an effective modern day Good Samaritan to your friend or family member’s marriage.

Who can be a leader?

  • Anyone who has the capacity to gather a group of individuals interested in helping to restore marriages of friends or family members
  • Anyone who follows the directions in the Leader’s Guide

What does a leader need to do?

  • Host the training in a location that has a strong enough internet access to stream this web-based training
  • Alert attendees that the 78-page Participant’s Guide can either be digitally downloaded or they can purchase a printed copy.
  • Decide the setting in which the training will take place
    • It can be done in a webinar format or live at a particular location
    • If the leader chooses to use a webinar format, 2Restored can provide, for a fee, a webmaster who can coordinate placing attendees in multiple groups to do exercises and have discussions as well as stream all 7 videos
  • Decide the length time of the training.
    • It can be done all at once in a 3 1/2-hour format or in several sessions over multiple weeks

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