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The 2Restored Difference

For those seeking to restore their marriage or the marriage of a friend, family member or client, 2Restored is unique because we provide proven and powerful resources not found in other marriage restoration efforts.

We provide a pathway to awareness, change and hope for enduring marital improvement and success. We are confident in our ability to help!




30+ years of experience using resources, techniques, protocols, and tools which are well established as effective and sustainable.



Robust Online Resources

Easily find the best marriage improvement/rescue resources and tools for your situation.



Life Changing

Real-world graduates of our training programs and previous clients give testimony that 2Restored is transformational; we work to earn and maintain the highest level of proven outcomes.

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Endorsed and Supported

Reputable leaders and well-known organizations.

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Proprietary Methodology

We developed comprehensive relational diagnostics that enable us to provide a superior understanding of how people behave and the way they view their experiences.

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In all our experience it has been the Bible which provides unmatched guidance that can give hope to the most hopeless couples. The core of our process and ultimate foundation is biblical truth.

Read an excerpt from Dr. Kenworthy’s book, Before the Last Resort: 3 Simple Questions to Rescue Your Marriage