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Our Staff


Dr. George Kenworthy

Dr. Kenworthy has been working with couples for nearly 50 years, many in his capacity as a senior pastor and seminary professor.  Early on in that role, he realized he did not really know how to help “stuck” couples to revive their marriages.  Many of the couples he counseled were very desperate and on the brink of divorce.  Often, they had seen one or more other marriage counselors before they came to him as a “hail Mary” attempt for help. He wondered what he could offer them that they had not already heard or tried. Over time, it became clear in counseling that 3 questions moved the majority of willing spouses forward toward hope and restoration.   

 In 2005, his wife challenged him to write a book on marriage.  The success of book, Marriage Makeover, led to his second book, Before The Last Resort: 3 Simple Questions To Rescue Your Marriage. For the last 15 years, he has worked with an amazing group of marriage experts who, together as a team, have developed behavioral tools and instructional seminars designed to help every marriage — even those that seem most hopeless. In 2006, Dr. Kenworthy became Founder and President of 2Restored®. He has been featured on FamilyLife and Focus on the Family broadcasts, as well as a frequent radio guest on KTIS and KKMS in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where he gives hope to couples in limbo and crisis alike for a healthier, vibrant and more enduring marriage. 

 Dr. Kenworthy has earned two Masters degrees and one Doctorate in Persuasion and Oral Communication and has completed all coursework for his Ph.D. in Hebrew Scriptures and Philosophy.



Dr. Amanda Horton  

For 20 years, Dr. Horton has practiced as a psychologist in corporate environments and served in Christian ministry providing therapy and professional guidance and conducting empirical research.  

 Having been raised in a law enforcement family, she constantly heard the heartbreaking stories of physical and mental abuse by the perpetrators. It was clear to her that these wrongs were committed by broken people whose wounds were a result of a cycle of family mental illness. She felt the need for early intervention was paramount and so began providing pro bono mental health work with adult and juvenile female inmates. Through those (and many other) encounters she has seen how people who seek professional help — and are committed to change — can transform their lives and, in turn, the lives of those close to them.  

 Dr. Horton earned her Masters Degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and holds a current clinical license. Her credentials positioned her to work in corporate I/O and private practice, which she did for her first 7 years. However, 13 years ago God opened doors that placed her in Christian ministry. 2Restored is now where she fully leverages her consummate skills to not only transform lives, but to also serve God’s kingdom.  



Dr. Russell Berg 

Dr. Berg has worked in pastoral ministry for over 45 years, including 21 years as the Senior Pastor of an Evangelical Free Church in Minnesota. During a time of personal transition, he connected with George Kenworthy. Russell was inspired and encouraged by George’s passion for helping hurting marriages, and especially by his focus on strengthening the local church to equip lay leaders to help marriages in crisis. Russell is 100% vested in the potent combination of biblical wisdom and best practices of psychological counseling.  

 “Russ” is now the Director of Pastoral Training and Church Development at 2Restored.  He spreads a wonderfully contagious passion to help the Church change the broken culture of divorce in America — one marriage at a time. He has worked with over 350 couples at risk of divorce and provided training for more than 450 pastors, therapists, marriage mentors and lay leaders. To reach the next generation of “influencers” (therapists, family attorneys, and mediators) he is building online networks of connection, encouragement and resources for front line workers in the crisis marriage space.  

Russ earned his Masters and a Doctorate (D.Min.) in Marriage and Family Ministry. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 47 years (the “35 happiest years of their life” according to his wife). They have 2 amazing daughters married to 2 wonderful sons-in law, and are blessed with several grandchildren. 



Kelsey Charlemagne 

Kelsey is the Executive Assistant to the founder of 2Restored, Dr. George Kenworthy. She joined the team in 2013 as a research specialist seeking a meaningful way to apply her skill sets and experience in statistics and administration. Kelsey enjoys her primary work with the details and numbers behind the scenes to make 2Restored the best it can be, but also relishes any opportunities to work with couples and families in person. She believes strongly in the power of God to save marriages. Hearing the “power stories” of reconciliation and relational healing never gets old. Kelsey earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and her Masters in Human Services.



Wendy Marple 

In 2020, Wendy joined the 2Restored team as its Financial Secretary.Her love for people and deep love for Jesus led her into service as a church youth leader, a church administrator and then finally as an Executive Secretary to Pastor Kenworthy at his former church. She is a certified CPA with a BA and MS in Accounting. More important than any degree is her passionate conviction that God can restore any marriage.