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“I have now given Before the Last Resort to 3 friends who have marital issues. One marriage is in crisis, the others are not, but after reading this myself, I thought it would be helpful to most marriages. If we aren’t divorced, then we are all ‘before the last resort.’

I found this to be a very hopeful, practical guide to biblical principles for marriage. It is filled with real-life examples, which make it easy to read and relate to. It’s a quick read…”

Amazon.com review of Before the Last Resort: 3 Simple Questions to Rescue Your Marriage By M. H. “kids bookophile” (CA)



My wife asked me to renew our vows on our anniversary next January. Reading Before the Last Resort altered my perspective on the power God has to change someone like my wife, who no one could convince to stop the divorce process.”

— E. E. 



“Thank you for your wonderful book Before the Last Resort.  I have been going to a counselor for many months with no progress, peace or encouragement to continue in my marriage.  This book helped me come to the truth that God’s plan is the only plan. I had to answer some tough questions about myself before I could work on my marriage. We are still a work in progress, nonetheless, we now have a closer relationship with the Lord and with each other.”

— Genie